ReSound product training

October 20, 2012

Both Dr. Redher and Dr. Dvorak traveled to Westlake Village, CA to attend training on the newest product from ReSound. The training was very informative and offered various sessions to choose from to keep us on the top of our game. While these trainings are manufacturer specific, many of what we learn can be applied to help all of our patients.

This newest ReSound hearing aid, called Verso, has many features that are innovative and cutting edge for the company.  These features include Binaural Functionality (also know as ear-to-ear communication), Binaural Directionality™, Environmental Optimizer™ II and NoiseTracker™ II, a new Range™ microchip, and a new Comfort Phone™ program. In addition, to the many new great features, these hearing aids continue to offer the features in this product that we have grown to love and depend on. Not to mention the Verso works with all of the great ReSound wireless products.