American Cochlear Implant Alliance

The American Cochlear Implant Alliance is a not-for-profit membership organization created with the purpose of eliminating barriers to cochlear implantation by sponsoring research, driving heightened awareness and advocating for improved access to cochlear implants for patients of all ages across the US. ACI Alliance members are clinicians, scientists, educators, and others on cochlear implant teams as well as parent and consumer advocates. An annual meeting for professional members is convened.


  1. Encourage and support research on candidacy, criteria and the broad impacts of cochlear implants for children and adults
  2. Advance awareness of best practices related to cochlear implants among patients and their families, clinicians including primary care doctors and other health professionals, early interventionists, educators, policy-makers, payers and the general public
  3. Educate and encourage policy-makers and payers to take steps that expand access to cochlear implants
  4. Build an effective, sustainable organization


  • Complete a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Services study in 2017 to evaluate the safety and efficacy of cochlear implantation under expanded guidelines for Medicare patients
  • Spearhead planning for a national Cochlear Implant Patient Registry which would provide clinicians and scientists with important research opportunities relating to cochlear implantation in patients of all ages
  • Highlight the need for a Societal Costs of Hearing Loss study modeled after the Project Hope study published in 2000


  • Co-design and conduct national and international CI symposia highlighting research, clinical issues, (re)habilitation, quality of life/cost effectiveness, health care policy, and insurance issues
  • Expand the ACI Alliance website to be the premier source of research-based information to support access to cochlear implantation
  • Review and provide input on the accuracy of information provided by others via web-based and other formats


  • Utilize the State Champion program to monitor and impact the rollout of the Affordable Care Act at the state and federal levels vis a vis cochlear implant services
  • Participate in hearing loss and general disability organizations
  • Address the current shortcomings of Early Intervention advisement services to families as they relate to comprehensive, unbiased information on options and technology to parents
  • Lead member advocacy efforts in Washington to expand knowledge about cochlear implants and issues of access
  • In collaboration with other organizations, develop and disseminate multi-disciplinary clinical practice guidelines and undertake efforts that promote cochlear implantation as the standard of care treatment within non-hearing loss disciplines

Build a Sustainable Organization

  • Utilize best practices for board and staff performance
  • Maintain an active committee structure in order to carry out the work of the organization
  • Reach 100 Organizational Members by the end of 2014
  • Carry out a multi-faceted fund development program