Custom Earmolds

Custom Earmolds

Swimmer’s Ear Plugs
Floatable Swimmers Ear Plugs are custom made for your ears. They help keep water out of your ears and come in a variety of colors.

Musician’s Ear Plugs and Monitor molds
Musician’s Ear Plugs are custom made ear plugs which reduces sounds equally across the frequency range. These are ideal for musicians who want to protect their hearing, but do not want the music to be distorted. Custom molds can be made for Monitors used by musicians to help them monitor their voice during a performance or rehearsal.

Noise Protection Ear Plugs
Noise Protection Ear Plugs are used to protect your hearing from exposure to loud sounds. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) occurs in individuals who are exposed to loud sounds and do not protect their hearing. This damage to your hearing is irreversible. Ear Plugs help reduce the affects of noise on your hearing. They are recommended for anyone who is exposed to loud sounds in their environment, whether it is hunting, mowing the lawn, use of chain saws, target shooting, or working around loud machinery. They are custom made for your ears and are usually more comfortable than foam earplugs.

Custom Earpieces for Cellular Phones
Custom earpieces allow people to talk on their cellular phone while driving without putting themselves at risk for an accident or while working at your desk. They also improve the clarity by decreasing background noise. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Meet The DashPRO

Meet The DashPRO


No more tangled wires. Experience listening freedom like never before with the next generation true wireless Earbuds. The Dash Pro is re-newed from the inside for outstanding Bluetooth connection quality and amazing audio without interruption. A simple one-touch setup connects your Android, Apple or Windows device in a matter of seconds. Enjoy your music and communicate hands-free in crystal clear quality without the hassle of wires. And whenever you feel like leaving your smartphone or tablet at home, the on-board MP3 player of The Dash Pro offers storage for up to 1000 songs.Audio Transparency
Hear the world, or swipe to mute it

Be with yourself, or stay fully immersed in your surroundings. The Dash Pro offers great Passive Noise Isolation so you can stay focused. And with a quick swipe, »Audio Transparency« lets you mix music and your surroundings. Hear everything.

Automatic Activity Tracking Powered by Bragi AI

Listen to your body. Go beyond yesterday’s limits.
The Dash Pro understands whether you are running, cycling or swimming so you can keep track of your workouts automatically without ever pushing a button. During your exercise, the on-board activity coach keeps you motivated with realtime feedback.
Simplify your interaction with The Dash Pro and make Fitness Tracking as natural as breathing.

  • Heart Rate
  • Calories
  • Duration
  • Step Count
  • Distance
  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Breaths
  • Lengths

Language Barriers Removed iTranslate Integration

Get connected to the world: communicate with people in more than 40 languages in real-time with The Dash Pro’s enhanced translator skill.

Stay connected Be heard

Take a call by simply nodding your head for a truly hands-free experience. No need to worry about windy days and heavy traffic. With VersantTM advanced voice technology from Knowles, The Dash Pro intelligently filters out noisy environments so your voice can always be heard clearly. Talk to your favorite personal assistant without taking your Phone out of your pocket. Works with Apple Siri®, Google Now® and Microsoft Cortana®.