Developmental Milestones for Children

Important! Infants and young children with hearing problems can have difficulty developing speech and language.

Some babies are born with hearing problems. Other children are born with normal hearing and begin to have hearing problems as they grow older. You can help your child's doctor to decide if your child's hearing needs to be tested. Hearing problems can be temporary or permanent. Hearing problems can happen because of ear infections, injuries, or diseases.

Read the hearing checklist. Find your child's age. Indicate "yes" or "no" for every item. After you complete the checklist, show it to your child's doctor. Ask the doctor questions. Talk about the items checked "no". If you think your child has trouble hearing, tell the doctor right away.

Birth to 3 Months

  • Reacts to loud sounds?
  • Is soothed by your voice?
  • Turns head to you when you speak?
  • Is awakened by loud voices and sounds?
  • Smiles when spoken to?
  • Seems to know your voice and quiets down if crying?

3 to 6 Months

  • Looks upward or turns to a new sound?
  • Responds to “no” and changes in tone of voice?
  • Imitates his/her own voice?
  • Enjoys rattles and other toys that make sounds?
  • Begins to repeat sounds (such ooh, aah, and ba-ba)?
  • Becomes scared by a loud voice?

6 to 10 Months

  • Responds to his/her own name, telephone ringing, someone’s voice, even when it isn’t loud?
  • Knows words for common things (cup, shoe) and sayings (“bye-bye”)?
  • Makes babbling sounds, even when alone?
  • Starts to respond to requests such as “come here.”?
  • Looks at things or pictures when someone talks about them?

10 to 15 Months

  • Plays with own voice, enjoying the sound and feel of it?
  • Points to or looks at familiar objects or people when asked to do so?
  • Imitates simple words and sounds?
  • Uses a few single words meaningfully?
  • Enjoys games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake?

15 to 18 Months

  • Follows simple directions, such as “give me the ball.”?
  • Uses words he/she has learned often.
  • Uses 2-3 word sentences to talk about and ask for things?
  • Knows 10 to 20 words?

18 to 24 Months

  • Understands simple “yes-no” questions (Are you hungry?)?
  • Understands simple phrases (in the cup, on the table)?
  • Enjoys being read to?
  • Points to pictures when asked?

24 to 36 Months

  • Understands “not now” and “no more.”?
  • Chooses things by size (big, little)?
  • Follows simple directions such as “get your shoes” and “drink your milk.”?
  • Understands many action words (run, jump)?

Healthy Montana Kids

Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) is a free or low cost insurance plan through the Montana Public Health and Human Services. HMK is a free or low-cost health coverage plan that covers the cost of hearing services and hearing instruments. The plan provides health coverage to eligible Montana children and teenagers up to age 19. A child can qualify for HMK based on family size and income. There are no pre-existing condition limitations. Some parents share in the cost of their children’s health care by paying a small co-payment when care is received. However, total co-payments for a benefit year are capped at a very low fee.

  • Children up to age 19
  • Montana residents
  • US citizens or qualified aliens
  • Household meets income guidelines for household size

Children who get regular checkups and treatment for health problems do better in school and are more likely to become healthy, productive adults!