Warranty and Service

Hearing Aids come with standard warranties and loss and damage coverage. The length of the warranty often is determined by the model of hearing aid that is purchased.

Service contracts vary from one year to four years, depending on the level orded. There are no charges for adjustments, batteries, filters, repairs, or cleanings necessary as a result of normal use during the service contract.

Most hearing aids can be repaired. However some units, more than five years old, may be more expensive to repair. Some instruments older than ten years can no longer be repaired. A standard repair warranty is typically one year and this includes one visit with an Audiologist. With some custom in the ear aids, remakes may or may not be covered by a typical repair. With changes in technology, it is wise to have your hearing checked yearly to see if you could be better served with a newer hearing aid.

Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic sells batteries, Dry-n-Store units, and other hearing aid supplies. Assistive listening devices (ALD's) can often help individuals who can't or won't wear hearing aids. ALD's, like FM systems, can often be coupled to current hearing aids and help pickup and focus in on sounds in noisy environments. Check with the Audiology staff to find out what coverage you have on your unit.

Repairs and Supplies

All hearing aids come loss and damage coverage, that ranges between one to four years depending on your service contract. There is never a charge to be seen in the Audiology department if your aid is under warranty. But we ask you to call first becoming in to the office as we want to take care of your needs promptly.

When your initial warranty is about to expire, you do have the opportunity to extend the warranty and loss coverage for a certain period of time depending upon the make of your hearing aid. Sometimes extended warranties will only cover repair services and not remakes of in the ear hearing aids. Check with the Audiology staff to find out what coverage you have on your unit.