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At Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic, Inc., we have been serving our community for over thirty years. Our services represent a full spectrum of audiological care. We conduct detailed diagnostic evaluations for hearing and dizziness / balance disorders. We are unmatched in quality and commitment to patient care utilizing state-of-the-art-technology.

We conduct detailed diagnostic evaluations for hearing, dizziness and balance disorders.

Meet our Doctors and Specialist

Since 1974, Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic has been serving the hearing impaired. All of our Audiologists hold an Au.D. (doctor of audiology) and use state of the art testing and fitting technology. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic, Inc is excited to welcome Dr. Maggie Luers

Maggie J Luers is the newest Doctor of Audiology at Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic. Dr. Luers received her Doctor of Audiology degree at Northern Illinois University. Following, she worked for 3 ½ years for the Mayo Clinic Health System in southwest Wisconsin. Dr. Luers's primary clinical interests in Audiology include: diagnostic audiometric evaluation on patients of all ages, tinnitus evaluations, diagnostic vestibular evaluations, Auditory Brainstem Response testing (ABR), hearing instrument fitting and Baha fittings. Dr. Luers enjoys attending continued education seminars about the newest technology and innovations with hearing instruments.

Dr. Luers and her husband are new to Billings but are loving Montana thus far. In her spare time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, cooking and playing board games.

We thank you for you continued trust in Rehder Balance & Hearing Clinic, Inc for all your patients' hearing and balance needs.