We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Tammy H.

I had endured weeks of vertigo before I decided to make an appointment. When I called Rehder Clinic, the receptionist was very friendly and caring. She scheduled me an appointment the next day. The doctor who treated me explained my condition and went right into the treatment. I left feeling 100% better. All of the staff were great! I would highly recommend Rehder Balance & Hearing.

Mary Jane T.

Brandy is the woman "who took care of me." I was so happy to have come to Rehder, as I had a poor experience with Costco! Brandy was very thorough and told me what to expect with each step. She said to come back any time I felt like I needed to. All around it was an A+ experience! One more thing: I can hear far better than when I first visited Rehder! Thank you!

Tom M.

I was one of the lucky ones to win a new set of premium hearing aids from Rehder. I picked them up just before Christmas. Fantastic Christmas present. After the initial settings, I realized a great improvement over my cut-rate hearing aids. Crystal took all the time needed to properly set up my new aids. I have returned two times for checkups and tweaking the settings. With each trip, Crystal has made adjustments that make my hearing better. Fantastic company and fantastic people. Five-star rating.


Love these people! So kind! I dread appointments anywhere trying to listen for my name. How many times did they say my name? Here you feel welcome and safe the minute you enter. Thank you to everyone I had the chance to see!!


Great results!! Very friendly staff who are willing to go the extra mile to get everything right. My wife is happy too — now she only has to yell at me once 😉

Levi N.

The most amazing service I have ever received for hearing and hearing aids. Their knowledge and experience made for a great experience. The amount of help I received and how hard they worked with the Veteran Affairs office to get me the hearing aids that best worked for me is hands down the best ever. Thank you all so very much.

Jame D.

As a young Veteran with hearing loss, it isn't easy to take the step to wear hearing aids. My doctor of audiology, Crystal, has helped me understand more about my hearing loss and how important it is to treat it now rather than to wait for it to get worse. The best part is that she set me up with hearing aids that let me listen to music and phone calls from my phone through Bluetooth, too!

Mark J.

I worked in medicine for 35 years. This is one of the smoothest run, efficient, and professional medical practices I have seen. Top-notch treatment from front desk staff to the doctors.

Cody R.

Rehder has a very knowledgeable and enjoyable staff. Dr. Rehder was very helpful and gave me clarity in understanding the cause of my symptoms. He explained all the possible treatment options I had available, starting with my best option first. He was upfront and didn't give me any b.s. I will definitely be returning for any of my future hearing concerns.

Connie P.

I've been going to Rehder Balance and Hearing for over 20 years. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Sherman O.

Dr. Rehder is very professional and personable. All of the staff we have had the pleasure of meeting, and that have provided care, meet Dr. Rehder's standards.

Products recommended and used are the most technologically advanced and provide the best hearing physically possible.

Bruce V.

Paperwork was short and easy to fill out, and wait time was only a couple minutes before I was called in for my appointment. All the staff was so helpful and pleasant to talk to; they all treated me with respect and concern. They will always be my hearing and balance go-to people!!!!

Gary P.

Excellent staff and service. Far exceeded my expectations and deserves a 10-star rating. Rehder has given me the great gift of hearing again. Staff will not give up until you're satisfied. Brandy has gone above and beyond in helping me right down to the smallest detail. If you want good equipment and unparalleled service, Rehder is your only choice.

Robert B.

I recently won a Christmas drawing for a hearing aid from Rehder Balance & Hearing. I am so grateful for this gift! Fantastic, caring staff. Very knowledgeable and personable. Thank you so much your kindness and generosity.

Dan H.

I was very impressed with the exam and the explanation of the results. The staff was all very nice. I'm looking forward to hearing better.

Chadwick H.

My history with Rehder Balance & Hearing started with my mother. They gave such exceptional care and support. The professionalism of the staff is only matched by their compassion. As a patient, I have been amazed at how thorough and exceptional the staff is. In addition to the professionalism and abilities of the staff, I need to mention their heart. It a brief amount of time Rehder Balance & Hearing has changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jason S.

The folks at Rehder have always been friendly and professional.

Their records system must be very efficient and effectively implemented, because when I called to schedule my appointment, the receptionist remembered details from my last visit which was about two years ago.

They got me in quickly and we did my evaluations fast. Definitely recommend.

Jim C.

Can't say enough good things about Rehder. The staff is great and any time there is a problem, they are ready to fix it and get things back to normal. I highly recommend them for your hearing needs.

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